OPINION: Congressman Andy Kim: A Leader with Moral Courage

A letter to the editor by Liz Crockett of Mt. Holly, NJ

On June 2nd, in the wake of upheaval and protests against the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, there were several peaceful protests in New Jersey. Congressman Andy Kim spoke at the protest in Moorestown, standing with the protestors and demanding justice for Mr. Floyd, but also demanding an end to the generational injustices that have oppressed African-Americans for hundreds of years.

Making a moral stand is something you rarely see in elected officials these days. The fear of losing votes makes most duck and hide. But Congressman Kim is not your typical legislator. His initial run for Congress in 2018 was based on his being a true voice for the people he represents, and showing up for that protest directly upholds that promise. He was speaking for the people he represents, for those who often go unheard. But Congressman Kim heard them, because he listens to the people he represents.

I applaud the Congressman for taking a stand. As for his opponents, Gibbs and Richter, I went to their Facebook pages to see how they were speaking out against the inequality and injustice we have in America. Gibbs had a post calling Richter a misogynist and demanding he apologize to her, and Richter had one using his daughter to raise money for his campaign.

The choice is clear. Congressman Andy Kim speaks for his constituents and is unafraid to stand for the American values of equality under the law and justice for all. In this day and age, when most politicians like Gibbs and Richter choose to stand for nothing while slinging mud at opponents, it is a rare privilege to be represented by a man of principal. But then again, Congressman Andy Kim is not a politician—he’s a public servant. And that makes all the difference.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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