OPINION: Russia, Clapper, FISA, the NRA, and Trump.

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Two letters to the editor by Richard Roemer of Marlton, NJ

Russia, the NRA, and Trump. Asking for a friend.

Let us see. The Russians contributed to the NRA. The NRA contributed millions of dollars to Trump and Congress. Does that mean the Russians have contributed to congress? and their election? That puts congress in the pocket of the Russians. No wonder there is paralysis about “collusion and meddling” by the GOP in particular (they have received the majority of NRA/Russian money.

Just asking for a friend.

James Clapper, FISA, and the Trump Administration

Been reading James Clappers’ book. “Facts and Fears”. Clapper is a former Director of National Intelligence. He discusses FISA Section 702. This is a provision permitting, under court supervision, to intercept communications of non-US persons, such as suspected terrorists overseas or people with ill intent for the USA. On occasion, it is realized that the target was speaking with an American (incidental collection). Clapper describes how the incidental collection is “scrubbed”.

Given the interest by congress of FISA Section 702, I wonder if there are current members of the administration or congress who were fetched up by this law. We know that Carter Page was, but the intense focus on his FISA warrant seems out of place or miss-focused.

How embarrassing if Cabinet Members or Congressional Leader were collected incidentally while talking with subjects of court authorized surveillance. There lots of potential candidates.

I suspect Mueller and the leadership have thought of this.

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