OPINION: The danger of ghost guns

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A letter to the editor by Kelly Clark of Medford, NJ

Is anybody else concerned that downloadable guns are now a thing? Starting August 1, Americans can legally download the plans for a gun that can be 3-D printed anywhere. There is no background check, no ability to trace, and minimal ability to detect them because they are made of plastic!

It seems like an end-around for comprehensive background checks, which most Americans support. If you can’t pass a background check because you’re a domestic abuser, convicted felon, or terrorist, no big deal – just print a gun!

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Called “ghost guns,” because they lack serial numbers, these plastic guns will stymie police investigations because they are completely untraceable. It is nearly impossible to keep them out of secure areas because metal detectors do not pick up on the plastic used to make them. This leaves our schools, courthouses, and airplanes vulnerable to a gun attack. And don’t think they’re just toy guns. Files that are planned to be uploaded include AR-15’s, the type of weapon used in most school shootings.

Is it just me or is this a terrifying move by the State Department to allow this? New Jersey has worked hard to protect her citizens with strong gun laws, but now they are completely undone by making guns freely available to anyone with a 3-D printer. I plan on contacting the State Department to overturn this decision. If you are as upset as I am, I suggest you do the same!

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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