PRHS document downloads: Daily reports

Written by Jeff Epstein, editor of Citizens’ Media TV

This article is a repository of all daily reports for the 2017 Pinelands Regional High School roofing replacement project. It will be updated whenever new information is made available.

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Downloads: All available daily reports are contained in this publicly accessible directory. each month of reports is contained in a single directory.

Each day the roof at Pinelands Regional High School is worked on, the contract between the district and Kobithen Roofing (“district-Kobithen contract”) states that two types of daily reports are to be submitted to the district: “Construction daily reports” and “Field quality daily reports.”

Construction daily reports are specified under letter F in section 01300, which is found on page 208:

F. Daily Construction Reports: The General Contractor shall prepare a daily report recording events at the site and submit copies to the Architect on a monthly basis or upon request.

Field quality daily reports are specified under 3.10.A in section 07552, which is found on page 290:


A. The Contractor shall employ and pay for a qualified third party inspection agent for daily inspection work for this project, 5 clays per week minimum. A daily report shall be submitted to the Owner, Architect and Warranty manufacturer for their records.

As stated below, the contract also specifies special reports for documenting unusual circumstances.

Citizens’ Media TV has requested all of these reports in, so far, three Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests [one, two, three]. The following chart documents which reports have been received. For all days but two, only a single report exists.

Spreadsheet of all received daily reports. From this spreadsheet

(For each day a report was received, this chart specifies the start and end time when work took place. If a report was received but no time was specified, a question mark is put in its place.)

The daily reports we received were chaotically organized, poorly named, and contained many duplicates. Many hours of effort were required to properly organize them in date order.

After our third attempt in more than two months (OPRA responses are required within seven business days), we asked District Administrator and records custodian Stephen Brennan why documents were still missing. (Aside from weekends, this is especially true during the month of September when school was in session.) He responded that Citizens’ Media TV has been sent every report in the district’s possession. He said that he was informed that “the dates without a report are days that no roof work occurred due to varying conditions (i.e. weather, weekend, etc).” Brennan also stated that the district was currently investigating the validity of this information.

Special reports

Finally, any unusual circumstances are to be documented in “special reports,” as specified in the contract under item 2.4.A and B in section 01310, on page 219:


A. General: Submit special reports directly to Owner within one day(s) of an occurrence. Distribute copies of report to parties affected by the occurrence.

B. Reporting Unusual Events: When an event of an unusual and significant nature occurs at Project site, whether or not related directly to the Work, prepare and submit a special report. List chain of events, persons participating, response by Contractor’s personnel, evaluation of results or effects, and similar pertinent information. Advise Owner in advance when these events are known or predictable.

We have asked for all special reports not already listed on the district website, but have received no documents in response. It is not currently clear which of these website documents are considered special reports.

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