2 OPINIONS: Mark Natalie and Gina LaPlaca for NJ’s LD-08

ABOVE: From Mark Natale’s Facebook candidacy page, downloaded 7/26/2019

A letter to the editor by Sharon Roth of Medford, NJ

I have been a resident of Medford for many years and have voted in every state and local election.

From my viewpoint, I can see only two people worthy of sending to the State Legislature this year, Mark Natale and Gina LaPlaca. These two dynamic individuals have already begun meeting with the people of LD8 and sharing their enthusiasm. I admire their dedication and focus. It will be a pleasure to support them.

A letter to the editor by Rosemary L’Erario of Eastampton NJ

As the media ramps up for the 2020 presidential election, I’m so glad to see that New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District has viable challengers for the Assembly in the 2019 election. Local politics often gets ignored, but it so important to our daily lives, and we have waited far too long for candidates that would listen to constituents for longer than an election cycle. So, I was very pleased to learn about candidates Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale, and their “Politics of Purpose” approach. They are committed to listening to and engaging with US, the constituents of LD8, and working to represent South Jersey instead of spouting canned partisan messaging.

Mark and Gina are long time residents of our district. They live here, work here and are raising their kids here, so they know, firsthand, the challenges for working families in our district and will work to address them. They already have the endorsement of the NJ State AFL-CIO and the NJ Building Trades Council. I’m very excited to get to know them better in the coming months, and to work with them to give our district better and more effective leadership in Trenton. It’s refreshing to have candidates committed to us!

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  1. Yeah, nothing says “working for the people” like a lobbyist! Gina LapLaca has spent the last decade advocating for large corporations (Verizon & Anheuser-Busch) at the expense of the public. When Verizon pays less tax, it shows up on your phone bills. And FYI – Gina’s time spent living in D6, does not count. She is NOT a long time resident of D8.

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