FOUR OPINIONS: Hope for Andy Kim

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OPINION: Hope for Andy Kim

A letter to the editor by Milissa Wilk Larstanna of Stafford Township, NJ

Dear Editor,

Last night I attended the Stafford Democrats meeting at which our 3rd District Candidate Andy Kim was invited to speak. He spoke to a full house of supporters and people like me, who were interested in getting to know who this brave man is who is willing to challenge 3rd district Congressman Thomas MacArthur in a largely republican district. I was very impressed with his sincerity and intelligence. Despite being a Rhodes scholar and former member of the White House National Security Counterterrorism staff, as well as Strategic Advisor to General Petraeus in Afghanistan, he is extremely humble and down to earth. He is proud of his parents who, despite all odds of poverty and oppression, were able to raise a son to serve and sacrifice for his country.

He spoke lovingly of his two small boys and their future in this increasingly dangerous and turbulent world. He voiced concern for the aging population who are scared that their social security and pensions will be in jeopardy. He acknowledged the real uncertainty of the future of our healthcare system and its ability to care for and be affordable to everyone. He spoke of doctors and lawyers and businessmen he has met with who are also concerned about what is happening in the White House and how the US economy will be able to thrive and survive. He expressed concern for our military and veterans and the challenges they are facing and how they can be met. He also discussed the ways Tom MacArthur has been complicit in working with those in Washington that have put party over their constituents, and the core values of the American Dream, and the safety of our Nation at risk.

Over the past year, I have observed Congressman MacArthur to be businessman first and a crony of Trump who is more concerned with furthering his personal agenda than truly representing the people he was elected to serve. His creation of the “Trump-care Healthplan” which benefits the Insurance Industry where he has made his millions, as well as his support of the new Budget, has directly threatened the well-being and future security of my family.

These are very frightening times. Congressman MacArthur has refused to even have open town hall meetings to answer questions and be accountable for his decisions. He is funding his campaign with PAC money, and an infusion of cash from like-minded republicans in Washington who have abandoned our countries values for their own agendas. And last night he sent an obnoxious and rude man to disrupt the meeting. For a US Congressman to sanction this kind of behavior shows his lack of regard for many of the rights Americans hold dear such as the right to assemble, freedom of speech and common decency. This man’s behavior represented the ugliness,discrimination and disrespect that has become an every day occurrence in this country in the past year.

Andy Kim is running a grassroots campaign and not accepting any PAC donations. He is working to represent ALL the people of the 3rd district and really address their concerns. I find that admirable. And I believe him when he says he will truly represent and fight for the people who have elected him.

Stafford Township really is a microcosm of America. We have a large percentage of retirees who have worked their whole life and hope to be able to survive on their Medicare, social security and pensions that they paid into their entire lives. We have many working families,who like myself, came to live here to give their children a better quality of life and a good education. We survived Sandy and are well aware of the effects of rising waters and global warming and know science and climate deniers in Washington are out of touch with what is really happening in our environment.

I found Andy Kim to be earnest and committed. I left the meeting with a sense of hope. That perhaps one person can make a difference if they are willing to stand on the right side of history and serve the people they are elected to serve. I believe Andy Kim to be a brave man. And his courage and dignity can inspire others to fight for our country and work to secure a safe and prosperous future for our children.I have hope that Andy Kim and people like him will be able to work together to insure, that someday soon, my family will not have to live in fear of our future. I believe by actions and deeds that Congressman Thomas MacArthur has proven he is not that type of man. It’s time for him to go.November 2018 will not come soon enough for me.

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OPINION: I am reassured by Andy Kim

A letter to the editor by Peg Houle of Barnegat, NJ

Dear Editor,

Last night I had the privilege of seeing and hearing NJ 3rd Congressional District Candidate Andy Kim speak at the Stafford Democratic Club meeting. Each time I hear him, I am reassured that this is the candidate who will put the people first over any corporate interests or PACs. His grassroots fundraising efforts will not include any corporate or special interest group donations.

Mr. Kim is committed to serving his 700,000+ constituents to the best of his ability with total transparency, commitment, and the experience and knowledge that comes from being a Rhodes scholar, diplomat for the State Department and national security advisor. He has served under both Republican and Democratic administrations and values the bipartisan effort so needed in Washington today.

You can learn more about Andy Kim and his campaign for the 3rd Congressional District at If you feel, like I do, that our current Congressman MacArthur has turned his back on his constituents, please consider helping elect Andy Kim.

Thank you.

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OPINION: It’s time for Andy Kim for Congress

A letter to the editor by Meredith A. McCabe, Chesterfield, NJ

When it comes to endorsing a candidate to represent NJ District 3 in congress, choosing Andy Kim is a no brainer. As an NJ3 native, Andy Kim knows the unique challenges, as well as the amazing opportunities, living in Central NJ provides. He has stated on his website that he will be available and transparent in his activities as well as with his finances, and so far he has been exactly that.

I’ve met Andy several times, once by coincidence while he was walking down the street with his wife on their way to a night out to dinner. I was assisting my daughter’s girl scout troop selling cookies and he stopped to chat with us, gave the girls positive feedback for their sales techniques, and then supported the troop by buying several boxes of cookies without hesitation. The girls really appreciated him taking the time to talk to them and support them and their troop.

In addition to this, Andy Kim has stated that he will not accept donations from corporate PAC’s and even with that stipulation, he raised over $80,000 more than his opponent in the last quarter from NJ3 people like me who support his message, his politics, and his vision. In looking at Andy Kim’s background and experience, he is not only extremely supportive of public education and all that it provides for our children, but he’s also spent his career dedicated to anti-terrorism and bipartisan tactics for keeping our communities safe.

NJ3 has been represented by someone who refuses to communicate openly with his constituents and cares more about his own image than he does about the communities he represents. It’s time for us to be represented by someone who loves this district, these communities, and the people who live here. It’s time for us to vote Andy Kim for Congress!

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OPINION: I support Andy Kim

A letter to the editor by Patrick R. Progar, Ph.D., of Medford, NJ

Dear Editor,

I am now in my 50s and have never been involved in any political campaign of any kind until this year. My wife and I recently co-hosted a Meet and Greet for Andy Kim, who is running as a Democrat in New Jersey’s 3rd CD, a seat currently held by Tom MacArthur, a Republican. I have seen abuses of our constitution, misogyny, an emphasis on party over country, and attacks on health care and the common person from the current administration and many Republicans in Congress, including Representative MacArthur.

Andy is someone who was born and raised in the district, who knows and cares about the people of the district, and is going to represent the people of the district, not massive corporations. Andy will be a champion for high quality, low cost health care, for a fair tax system, someone who has experience working in Washington DC and one who is interested in governing, not winning every battle.

To govern means to work with both parties and to compromise, but also to have a long range vision for his district, his state and his country. Andy is a kind, decent person and is the kind of representative we need in Washington DC, now more than ever.

That is why my wife and I have made financial contributions to his campaign, co-hosted a Meet and Greet yesterday where well over 100 people showed up to meet and listen to him, and will be volunteering for him every spare minute we have. I support Andy Kim for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District!

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the authors’ only.

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