OPINION: Why is Alaimo and a Mt. Laurel PAC so interested in a Moorestown BOE election?

Editorial by: Marty Hagerty of Moorestown

On October 25, the Moorestown Sun included a full-page attack ad against Moorestown BOE candidates Jack Fairchild and Lauren Romano. The ad insisted they would rubber stamp votes for the president of the teachers’ union and fight to build hundreds of new affordable housing units in Moorestown (a matter that is currently being litigated in court, over which – not surprisingly – school board members have no influence.)

The ad was paid for by Citizens for a Great Mount Laurel (CFGML) of 1 Godfrey Ct, Mt Laurel. Why is a Mount Laurel political action committee (PAC) with over $22,000 in the bank at the end of June trying to influence Moorestown BOE elections?

One of the biggest contributors ($7200 in 2nd quarter 2017) is Alaimo Engineering (Moorestown’s Township Engineer.) Let that sink in: Moorestown’s Township Engineer paid $7200 to a Mt. Laurel PAC that has an interest in influencing Moorestown’s BOE elections.

Download the full ELEC disclosure document

None of the five listed contributors to CFGML in the most recent filing (who contributed $18,000 out of a total $18,450) are Moorestown residents or Moorestown businesses. Does anyone really believe this PAC for a “Great Mount Laurel” has Moorestown students’ best interests in mind? Perhaps not coincidentally, Romano’s and Fairchild’s opponents in this (supposedly non-partisan) BOE election were promoted by the Moorestown Republicans at an unsanctioned booth at the Moorestown in Autumn Day two weeks ago.

Moorestown residents take note: An out-of-town PAC is trying to manipulate you in an attempt to undermine one of our town’s most precious assets, our public schools. Don’t fall for it!

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