Viral and fake #NoDAPL crowd photo actually from Woodstock. Deliberate practical joke shared hundreds of thousands of times.

By Assistant Director, Jeff Epstein

As covered by Citizens’ Media TV and US Uncut, the person who yesterday posted this picture of Woodstock

mislabeling it as the base camp of #NoDAPL water protectors (including GPS/geographically mislabeling it as North Dakota), is Tyler Eldridge, 27, from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The original photo is found fourth down from the middle, on the crowd page on Woodstock Witness:

And, as suggested in the US Uncut article, using the photo to do a reverse image search, also reveals the original.

Here is an actual time-lapse photo of the water protectors’ camp in North Dakota, thanks to Scott Busby:

Eldridge originally shared the fake photo at around noon on Wednesday, September 14th, adding the comment, “Share this let’s make it famous” four hours later.

The next day he re-shared it himself, urgently stating,

The media has already contacted me to remove this post.

The photo has been shared more than 300,000 times on Facebook. As of this writing, it remains on his page.

We have unsuccessfully attempted to contact Mr. Eldridge for comment and to request the picture be taken down.

Update, 9/17/2016: This was clearly a prank by Mr. Eldridge, as evidenced by this post from today:

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