Reliable people, organizations, podcasts, and websites to learn MMT.

This post contains lists of many reliable experts (economists and scholars), smart laypersons, organizations, podcasts, and websites to follow in order to learn Modern Money Theory (MMT). For good first things to read, see this post: Good first academic papers to learn MMT (for the layperson).


These resources were created by Activist #MMT, the podcast (Twitter, Facebook, web, please consider becoming a monthly patron). This post was last updated August 20, 2020.

Disclaimer: I am a layperson who has studied MMT since February of 2018. I’m not an economist or academic and I don’t speak for the MMT project. The information in this post is my best understanding but I don’t assert it to be perfectly accurate. In order to ensure accuracy, you should rely on the expert sources linked throughout. If you have feedback to improve this post, please get in touch.

MMT Podcasts

  • My podcast: Activist #MMT (@ActivistMMT): Deep dives, basics topics, and personal stories of MMTers.
  • The MMT Podcast (@MMTpodcast): Deep dives and 101s.
  • Money On The Left (@moneyontheleft): MMT in an interdisciplinary context. (A MMT-informed leftist podcast by people related to Money On The Left is called Superstructure.)
  • Macro and Cheese (@CheeseMacro) by Real Progressives: A mixture of MMT and progressive topics.
  • Pocket Change (@pocketchangeMMT) (last episode released January 2019)


MMT academics (economists and scholars) on Twitter

This list is incomplete.

MMT activists (smart non-experts)

This list is incomplete.