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Ep 57 [2/2]: Asad Zaman: Win or lose, MMT is on the side of the angels.

Professor Zaman talks about how many of the assumptions in mainstream economics are completely disconnected from reality, and promote hedonism regardless the cost to yourself or society. He then talks about the potential for real, revolutionary change, both in and out of the United States (in the US will be decidedly more difficult). Professor Zaman’s life and his absolutely prolific body of work, is now dedicated to spreading economics in reality, including MMT and Islamic Economics. A brief highlight:

Ep 58 [1/2]: Jim Kavanagh: A Marxist academic and MMTer

Jim talks about how MMT is a necessary but not sufficient element of Marxism. Necessary because it’s an accurate description of our monetary system, but not sufficient as it doesn’t provide as complete a critique of capitalism as he and many Marxists would prefer. One of Jim’s articles had a great influence on me and is a permanent fixture in my list of non-academic things to read for those wanting an introduction to MMT. A brief highlight:

Ep 59 [2/2]: Jim Kavanagh: A Marxist academic and MMTer

Jim and I continue our conversation, and also discuss some of the misconceptions some Marxists have about MMT. A brief highlight.

Ep 60 [3/5]: Mat Forstater: Tales from the history of MMT.

After a brief talk about parenting and Twitter, Mat tells many stories from his early years in the development of the MMT project, including his part in creating the PhD program in heterodox economics at UMKC, a brief origin story of what is now The New School in New York City (the site of the September 2018, Second Annual International MMT Conference), and the subject of his own dissertation, Adolph Lowe. A brief highlight:

Ep 61 [4/5]: Mat Forstater: The Pavlina Tcherneva origin story (and other tales from the history of MMT).

Mat continues his many stories from the history of Modern Money Theory, highlighted by a detailed version of how Pavlina Tcherneva, then his undergraduate student, became part of the MMT project. A brief highlight:

Ep 62 [5/5]: Mat Forstater: More tales from the history of MMT.

This will be released to patrons soon.

Mat concludes his MMT stories, including on the job guarantee, the abuse of the term “flexibility,” and the questionable practice of academic journal editors. A brief highlight:

Ep 63 [1/2] Hannah Judson: Beginning an MMT-adjacent sociology PhD. at Stonybrook.

Hannah describes her journey through a Zoom wedding, Zoom church, and several thousands of miles of driving to her new home in Queens, New York, to attend a now entirely-Zoom PhD in sociology at Stonybrook University. Stonybrook was also the site of the September 2019, Third Annual International MMT Conference, where Hannah and I met. A brief highlight:

Ep 64 [2/2] Hannah Judson: Mental illness, anxiety, and MMT.

Hannah and I discuss how early trauma has affected us, how we came to terms manage it today, and how the lens of MMT helps us see things differently. A brief highlight:

Ep 71 [2/4]: Panayotis “Poti” Giannakouros: An interactive introduction to MMT (part 1/2)

(This episode does not yet have an introduction.)

Not an interview, but a complete, interactive, and unique introduction to Modern Money Theory, as conducted by the very first recipient of a PhD through an MMT lens, which he received at UMKC in 1999. It starts with the concept of state power, then proceeds to imposing and forgiving liabilities, and then the definitions of debt, deficit, and a job guarantee. This is part one of a two-hour conference call between ten people including Poti; me; progressive journalist Walker Bragman; the managing editor of The Young Turks, Jonathan Larsen; and activist Ramona Massachi (my guest on episodes 47 and 48)

This is also part of a larger four part series, in which parts one and four will be an interview with Poti on his personal and economic background, and a follow up on his introductory lesson. A brief highlight from episode 70:

Ep 72 [3/4]: Panayotis “Poti” Giannakouros: An interactive introduction to MMT (part 2/2)

(This episode does not yet have an introduction.)

The introduction lesson is closed out and followed by an in-depth question and answer session. A brief highlight: