Every episode of Activist #MMT, the podcast, categorized

This post contains every episode (and non-episode) of Activist #MMT. Right now it’s just a long (loooong), but reasonably well-organized list. It will gradually be categorized and refined by topic and in other ways (and broken up as necessary). I believe I got everything, but I probably messed up something. It will be updated and improved as necessary.

My goal for Activist #MMT, the podcast, is to balance academic concepts with personal stories, of how MMT changed average people and their thinking. When I interview academics, my very-first episode with them is generally their personal story. I also believe my interviews with activists give important perspective on how MMT is affecting and perceived by laypeople.

This post contains the following lists, in order:

  1. episodes with activists
  2. episodes with academics
  3. economics but not MMT
  4. snippets from other podcasts
  5. full/partial audio from academic lectures
  6. non-MMT episodes
  7. snippets featuring me

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Disclaimer: I am a layperson who has studied MMT since February of 2018. I’m not an economist or academic and I don’t speak for the MMT project. The information in this post is my best understanding but I don’t assert it to be perfectly accurate. In order to ensure accuracy, you should rely on the expert sources linked throughout. If you have feedback to improve this post, please get in touch.

Episodes: Activists

This list is ordered by episode, however, episodes with snippets and other related sources are found below this list.

  • Episodes eight and nine: Christian Reilly: Permission marketing in comedy, music, and MMT.
  • Ep 10: Tony Weston: Video games, the free market, and MMT
  • Ep 11: Johnny Akzam: “Money is an arbitrary representation of value”
  • Ep 14: Two activist stories: 3rd-year Ben Szioli and 8th-year Anonymous
  • Ep 15: 3rd year MMT activist (and rebel) Lana Dell
  • Ep 21a: Ryan Mathis [1/2]: Millennial, first-year law student, and 5th year MMTer: The left-wing project to recreate our corrupt political, media, and educational institutions (Part one was released on the Historic-ly podcast, not Activist #MMT)
  • Ep 21 [2/2]: Ryan Mathis: There is nothing “natural” about society’s laws
  • Episodes 25 and 26: James Feal-Martinez: Discussing MMT through a coronavirus lens (plus story to introduce kids to MMT)
  • Ep 27: A conversation with MMT activist Erin Taylor
  • Episodes 28 and 29: 10th-yr activist Mike Hall: In normal times, UBI is a total non-starter.
  • Episodes 35 and 36: Virginia Cotts: A conversation about economics and politics
  • Ep 47 [1/2]: Ramona Massachi: Spirituality, Judaism, and MMT.
  • Ep 48 [2/2]: Ramona Massachi: Introducing dozens of federal candidates to MMT (and the too many who don’t move on)
  • Ep 51: Amber Griego: The job guarantee transformed a desert into the Land of a Thousand Wineries (plus kindness)
  • Ep 54 [1/2] Sam Hollenbeck: Mass suffering is endured by real people, not mere statistics

Activists traveling to and from the 2018 MMT conference:

  • Ep 3: [1/2]: Three activists driving up to #MMTConf19 (bonus: Christian Reilly’s intro-to-MMT song)
  • Ep 4: [2/2]: Activists driving back home from #MMTConf19 (bonus: my intro-to-MMT song)
  • Snippet: Ep 3: A first year law student explains why taxes logically can’t fund spending.
  • Snippet: No. The US doesn’t borrow the US dollar from China.

Patricia Pino:

  • Episodes five and six: Patricia Pino: MMT Podcast co-host and 6th-year MMT activist
  • Snippet: Patricia Pino on how MMT Podcast came to be (non-MMT)
  • Snippet: Patricia Pino on paying for WWII and the Green New Deal

Chris Rini:

  • Ep 7: Chris Rini: “It’s all MMT”
  • Snippet: Chris Rini and teaching MMT versus piano or martial arts
  • Snippet: Discussing federal funding of education with Chris Rini

Mark Collins:

  • Ep 34 [2/2]: Mark Collins: Some of the puzzle pieces have been intentionally turned over.
  • Ep 33 [1/2]: Mark Collins: A rigorous journey from white nationalism, rage, and ALS, to MMT.
  • Snippets:
    • Snippet: Mark Collins: The order of operations, the gold standard, and Steve Grumbine
    • Snippet: Mark Collins: White nationalism, sociopathy, socialism, and adult status
    • Snippet: Mark Collins talks about Bernie Sanders.
    • Snippet: Mark Collins: Securitization, not borrowing (with Randy Wray)

Geoff Ginter:

  • Ep 16 (1/2): Geoff Ginter: “I am uncomfortable with the notion of having power.”
  • Ep 17 (2/2): Geoff Ginter: MMT defines the walls of our prison (and our concerns about NJ-03 Andy Kim)
  • Full audio: Geoff Ginter and two high schoolers confronting NJ-03 Republican Congressman
  • Snippet: “You cannot escape a prison if you can’t identify its walls.”
  • Snippet: Geoff and my concerns about NJ-03’s Andy Kim

Andrea Grainger:

  • Ep43: Andrea Grainger: The dark reality of climate change, and surviving a mainstream college degree.
  • Snippet: How Fred Lee’s History of Heterodox changed me and my podcast

Episodes: Academics

This list is ordered by episode, however, episodes with snippets and other related sources are found below this list.

  • 39 and 40: Clint Ballinger: The funding is the decision to do it. (Plus: bonds suck) (Clint is an academic but not directly of MMT)
  • Ep 49 [1/5]: Mat Forstater: On Mat Forstater and the challenges of being heterodox.
  • Ep 50 [2/5]: Mat Forstater: How millions at the bottom are disappeared by unemployment statistics.
  • Ep 56 [1/2]: Asad Zaman: Realizing your entire career is a sham after thirty years.

L. Randall Wray:

  • Ep 52 [1/2]: L. Randall Wray: The story before the story (of MMT) (plus congressional testimony)
  • Ep 53 [2/2]: L. Randall Wray: The KC approach to MMT (and the real meaning of “productivity”)
  • Full audio: Congressional hearing “Reexamining the Economic Costs of Debt” featuring L. Randall Wray (11/20/2019)
  • Highlights: L. Randall Wray’s Congressional testimony, 11/20/2019 – highlights for MMTers

John Harvey:

  • Ep 44[1/3]: John Harvey on John Harvey, discrimination, and aliens
  • Episodes 45 and 46: John Harvey on inflation: mainstream versus Post Keynesian (and the MMT job guarantee)
  • The full audio of every episode of John’s The Cowboy Economist.

Camille Walsh:

  • Episodes 12 and 13: Author Camille Walsh: Racial Taxation (taxpayers and taxeaters)
  • Camille Walsh: Full presentation and Q&A at #MMTConf19

Sam Levey:

Dr. Joseph Firestone:

  • Ep 22 [1/2]: Joe Firestone: Coronavirus, #MintTheCoin, and 2020 primary rant
  • Ep 24 [2/2]: Joe Firestone: The Treasury, Fed, Coronavirus, and Homer Simpson
  • Ep 41 [1/2]: Joe Firestone talks about Joe Firestone and how he discovered MMT
  • Ep 42 [2/2]: Joe Firestone: ELI5: What it means for the Federal Reserve to “defend its interest rate.”
  • Episodes 30 and 31 (with Joe) and 33 (with Graham Elwood): Joe Firestone, Graham Elwood, and the truth about the Federal Reserve
  • Snippets from 30-33:
    • Snippet: Graham Elwood: How the Fed helps create net financial assets in the real economy
    • Snippet: Graham Elwood: How the Fed creates reserves for asset swaps in the banking reserve system

(There are also two episodes with Joe on Monetary Reform. See that section, below)

Episodes: Economics but not MMT

Monetary Reform:

Joe and Dan were recorded in January 2019.

  • Episodes 37 and 38: Dan Sullivan: “You don’t punish banks. The banks punish you.” (Monetary Reform vs MMT)
  • Episodes 18 and 19: Dr. Joe Firestone on MMT vs. Monetary Reform
  • Clint and I discuss Monetary Reform for around twenty minutes near the beginning of this episode: Ep 39 [1/2]: Clint Ballinger: The funding is the decision to do it. (Plus, “bonds suck”)

Snippets from other podcasts

Money on the Left:

  • Snippet: Alexandra Scaggs on discovering MMT, Fed “independence,” and repo-101.
  • Snippet: Nathan Tankus on Fred Lee, heterodox microeconomics, and MMT
  • Snippet: Nathan Tankus: How inflation and prices are used as tools for racial discrimination

MMT Podcast:

  • Snippet: Scott Ferguson: the MMT view of Marx’s labor theory of value

Audio of lectures/videos/presentations/etc. (both full and snippets)

Bill Mitchell snippets:

  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on the false household analogy
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on the aging society problem
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell: gov’t borrowing is corporate welfare
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on hyperinflations: Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany
  • Full lecture: Bill Mitchell: Most progressives are neoliberals in disguise (2017)
  • Full lecture: Bill Mitchell: Train the Trainers (May 2019 w/ Gower)
  • Full lecture:Steven Hail: Modern Monetary Theory, the Economy, and the Virus.

Snippets/other featuring me

  • Snippet: How Fred Lee’s History of Heterodox changed me and my podcast
  • Snippet: Assuming good faith of our leaders.
  • Song: I Am the Very Model of a Modern Monetary Theory

Episodes: Not MMT, or economics, at all

  • Non-MMT: An attempt to remotely-hack my computer via a scam phone call.
  • Ep 20 [Non-MMT]: Talking coronavirus with a 30-year practicing physician
  • Ep 23: Will Calloway and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day