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Disclaimer: I am a layperson who has studied MMT since February of 2018. I’m not an economist or academic and I don’t speak for the MMT project. The information in this post is my best understanding but I don’t assert it to be perfectly accurate. In order to ensure accuracy, you should rely on the expert sources linked throughout. If you have feedback to improve this post, please get in touch.

Episodes of Activist #MMT with academics

This list is ordered by episode, however, episodes with snippets and other related sources are found below this list.

  • 39 and 40: Clint Ballinger: The funding is the decision to do it. (Plus: bonds suck) (Clint is an academic but not directly of MMT) (related post: Monetary Reform and Positive Money (and comparing them to MMT))
  • Mathew Forstater:
    • Ep 49 [1/5]: Mat Forstater: On Mat Forstater and the challenges of being heterodox.
    • Ep 50 [2/5]: Mat Forstater: How millions at the bottom are disappeared by unemployment statistics.
    • Ep 60 [3/5]: Mat Forstater: Tales from the history of MMT.
    • Ep 61 [4/5]: Mat Forstater: The Pavlina Tcherneva origin story (and other tales from the history of MMT).
    • Ep 62 [5/5]: Mat Forstater: More tales from the history of MMT.
    • Ep 63 [6/5]: Mathew Forstater: The purpose of MMT, and the second law of thermodynamics..
  • Pakistani PhD. economist Asad Zaman:
    • Ep 56 [1/2]: Asad Zaman: Realizing your entire career is a sham after thirty years.
    • Ep 57 [2/2]: Asad Zaman: Win or lose, MMT is on the side of the angels.
  • Episodes 58 and 59: Jim Kavanagh: A Marxist academic and MMTer.
  • Ep66 [1/2, 3/4]: Dirk Ehnts & Asker Voldsgaard: Good-faith criticism of MMT (and their fatally-flawed assumptions)
  • Ep 69 [2/2, 4/4]: Dirk Ehnts and Asker Voldsgaard: Political economy (saving economics, economics education, and ourselves)

John Harvey:

  • Ep 44[1/3]: John Harvey on John Harvey, discrimination, and aliens
  • Episodes 45 and 46: John Harvey on inflation: mainstream versus Post Keynesian (and the MMT job guarantee)
  • Ep 72 [1/2]: John Harvey: The Battle of the Bulge (and the nitty gritty of Exchange Rate Determination)
  • Ep 73 [2/2]: John Harvey: The nitty gritty of exchange Rate Determination
  • The full audio of every episode of John’s The Cowboy Economist.

Camille Walsh:

  • Episodes 12 and 13: Author Camille Walsh: Racial Taxation (taxpayers and taxeaters)
  • Camille Walsh: Full presentation and Q&A at #MMTConf19

Snippets from other podcasts

Money on the Left:

  • Snippet: Alexandra Scaggs on discovering MMT, Fed “independence,” and repo-101.
  • Snippet: Nathan Tankus on Fred Lee, heterodox microeconomics, and MMT
  • Snippet: Nathan Tankus: How inflation and prices are used as tools for racial discrimination

MMT Podcast:

  • Snippet: Scott Ferguson: the MMT view of Marx’s labor theory of value

Audio of lectures/videos/presentations/etc. (both full and snippets)

Bill Mitchell snippets:

  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on the false household analogy
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on the aging society problem
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell: gov’t borrowing is corporate welfare
  • Snippet: Bill Mitchell on hyperinflations: Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany
  • Full lecture: Bill Mitchell: Most progressives are neoliberals in disguise (2017)
  • Full lecture: Bill Mitchell: Train the Trainers (May 2019 w/ Gower)
  • Full lecture:Steven Hail: Modern Monetary Theory, the Economy, and the Virus.