OPINION: John Adams’ Poor Position on Curfews

A letter to the editor by Ciarrai Campbell of Mt. Holly

John Adams is running for Burlington County Freeholder. He posted a Facebook post [a full screenshot can be found at the bottom of this post] on his local township page where he blasts Governor Murphy’s curfew. He fears this is a first step in our Liberty being lost. While he admits that the government has a right to take action to control a pandemic, he says action should be taken “in a surgical and limited way”

He does not seem to understand that because the federal government ignored the problem and does not have anywhere near the testing capabilities we should even now, we have no data on where the virus is, who is spreading it, or where the hot spots are. Lacking this data, we cannot apply actions in a “surgical and limited” way—because how do we know where to apply those limits? No, the complete bungling of the testing in the USA has left us with no options except the blunt instrument—shut it all down. It’s what worked in South Korea, and exactly what they didn’t do soon enough in Italy.

Adams whines that government should not be able to tell people what to do, even at a time like this. Yet these mandates were required because people were not voluntarily doing what needed to be done. People have proven themselves to be selfish and myopic, so, yes, the mandates and curfews were needed. The government is trying to protect all its people—even from themselves. Adams says that he and his son are in a high-risk group, and his wife is a nurse practitioner, yet he wants people to ignore the guidelines of the CDC, state, and now even federal government.

I want to thank Adams for his post, because now I know who I am voting for, and it is not him. I don’t want anyone this selfish and ignorant making decisions for my county, my community, or my family.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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