A letter to the editor by Jeanine Feaman of Toms River, NJ

Every chance to vote is a gift and every voter who respects themselves will know how to handle this precious opportunity.

Being informed on policies through reliable media sources is an honest step toward the integrity of democracy. Memes, GIFS and altered videos, supplied disinformation (view source) over social media is widespread propaganda designed to sway your unconscious bias. Thinking before participating is a personal responsibility being aware is a conscious effort.

Andy Kim is a gift to NJCD03, and it will be with due diligence I work as hard in the next election cycle to honor that gift of representation in Washington as any other personal freedom. Andy Kim brings results from measured quality legislative actions and not upon party ideals or partisanship.

Democracy is participatory. Going forward, Talk to your neighbors, inform and encourage each other with truth to power and facts let us continue to pass that gift along.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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