OPINION: More Haiku to the editor: “45 is still lying.”

ABOVE: From Sambeetarts on Pixabay (license)

A letter to the editor by Richard A. Roemer of Marlton, NJ

Young, white, terrorists are still murdering us.

USDA scientists are still fired.

Flint’s water is still poisoned.

Polar bears are still starving.

Pollinators are still being poisoned.

Big Pharma is still killing addicts.

45 is still lying.

GEO Group and Core Civic still gets $754 for each stolen kid.

Betsy is still ripping off indebted students.

Congressional subpoenas still being ignored.

Pitzer’s book is still accurate.

45 still lies.

Net Neutrality still is not neutral.

Andy Kim still has mobile office hours.

ICE still terrorizes kids.

Polar Bears still starving.

DOJ still can’t protect prisoners.

The Mooch is still jumping ship.

Moscow Mitch is still selling Kentucky to the Oligarchs.

CBP and ICE are still building Concentration Camps.

45’s stolen kids are still lost.

CBP still targets journalists.

Macron is still a stable leader.

45 still is not.

Newark’s water is still tainted.

So is Flint’s.

45 is still misappropriating FEMA funds to support his wall.

He is still trying to steal private land.

45 still can’t pardon state-level convictions.

45 is still deporting critically ill kids.

Brown kids can’t vote – no need to kill them.

The FEC still does not have a quorum.

Andy Kim is still an excellent MOC.

The trolls on Andy’s website are still without a clue.

Are they paid by the NRA or the Russians?

No Farms still means No Food.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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