A teaser-introduction to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), with many trustworthy resources to learn more

ABOVE: The final slide in my introduction-to-MMT presentation.

(Download this document (with no clickable links) in PDF form. Screenshots of the PDF are at the bottom of this post.)

For our entire lives, economics has been weaponized against us. The more disadvantaged and vulnerable we are, the more they try to trick us out of what we need to survive. Do not believe for one second that we can’t have universal healthcare or college (or a living wage, canceled student debt, Green New Deal, or clean water) until we reduce the military (even though we need to reduce the military!) or until we tax the rich (even though we need to tax the rich!) because it’s simply not true. Our government could give us all of these things tomorrow, if they wanted. They could have given them to us a lifetime ago, if they wanted.

They just don’t want to, because they’re legally bribed not to. Because if they gave us these things for free, then the bribers would not be able to profit off our suffering. If they gave us healthcare for free, then our bosses would not be able to threaten us with losing it, to prevent us from standing up and demanding better.

Here is just some of the economic scaremongering that is used against us:

  • “That would blow a hole in the deficit!”
  • “The ballooning debt!”
  • “It will raise our taxes!”
  • “Hyperinflation!”
  • “China!”
  • And above all else, “How are you going to pay for it?”

Most of us have been so fooled and distracted by – and fearful of – these utterly nonsensical things, that we have become thoroughly convinced that our federal government simply cannot provide what we so desperately need. We are left to fight over the scraps, blaming and shaming each other, instead of joining together and punching up at those who cause everyone’s suffering.

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is the actual, truthful, non-fiction study of economics. That’s it. It describes how our economy actually – already! – works. MMT is easy, simple, and elegant. The only thing that’s hard is letting go of your lifetime of miseducation so that you can see it.

We will never get what we need to survive until we stand up and demand it. We will never demand it until we believe that it’s possible. MMT demonstrates that it is possible. 

Learning MMT will not stop the corrupt from doing bad things.
Learning MMT will stop the corrupt from stopping us from doing good things.

#LearnMMT and stop being tricked.

Reliable information to learn Modern Monetary Theory.

At first it’s quite hard to distinguish between accurate MMT information and hit pieces. Like Bernie Sanders, MMT is disruptive (because it’s the truth!) and therefore is the target of many hit pieces. Below you will find lots of people, places, and resources you can trust for accurate information on Modern Monetary Theory. As long as you do a minimal amount of homework, most of these people are happy to answer your questions. Good luck! (FB=Facebook) 

MMT experts (economists and scholars)

Stephanie Kelton (Twitter handle: @StephanieKelton), Warren Mosler (@wbmosler, moslereconomics.com), L. Randall Wray, Pavlina Tcherneva (@ptcherneva), Bill Mitchell (@billy_blog, his blog), Scott Fullwiler (@stf18), Mathew Forstater (@mattybram), Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub), Steven Hail (@StevenHailAus), Mike Norman (@mikenorman), Ellis Winningham (@elliswinningham, elliswinningham.net ), Robert Hockett (@rch371), Rohan Grey (@rohangrey), Andrés Bernal (@andresintheory), Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Joseph Firestone (@joefirestonephd), John T. Harvey (@John_T_Harvey), Brian Romanchuk (@RomanchukBrian), Scott Ferguson (@videotroph)

MMT activists (smart non-experts)

Patricia Natalia Pino (@PatriciaNPino), Christian Reilly (@christreilly), Sam Levey (@DeficitOwls, FB/DeficitOwls, Youtube/DeficitOwls), Geoff Ginter (@geoff_ginter),  Steve Grumbine (@sdgrumbine), Jon Lancelot (FB/jon), Jeff Epstein (@citizensmediatv, FB/CitizensMediaTV), Tim Youmans (@youmans_tim), Tony Weston (@tonywestonuk), Lana Dell (@organicfanatic5), Sam Vega (@samvega), Sara Holland (@sarahollando552), James Tapper (@JamesJohnTapper), Erin Taylor (@ErinMBTaylor), Rob Steiner (@Steinernomics)

MMT organizations:

MMT Podcasts

The MMT Podcast (@MMTpodcast), Pocket Change (@pocketchangeMMT), Money On The Left (@moneyontheleft), Macro & Cheese (@CheeseMacro)



Excellent getting started articles

And finally

This one video above all others, is a great start into understanding MMT: Angry Birds and Deficits, by economist Stephanie Kelton


  1. Just watched your most recent video with Graham. You have a presentation sponsored by South Jersey DSA(?). Anyway, I loved the info and posted it on Twitter. I’m beginning to understand the true concept of MMT. CHEERS!RuthSent via the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, an AT&T 4G LTE tablet


    1. Our Revolution: South Jersey. Not DSA. I’d LOVE to present to the DSA. They’re pretty resistant, unfortunately. Thanks for watching! Can’t wait for your thoughts on Steven Hail’s book.


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