OPINION: Tom MacArthur’s B-movie type negative ads

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A letter to the editor by Kathleen Pulver of Medford, NJ

It is a shame that our Congressional Representative Tom MacArthur’s campaign is already airing oddly edited, B-movie type negative ads. It is no wonder that he doesn’t want to campaign on his recent “accomplishments” such as trying to end health care coverage for poor and middle-class people and those with pre-existing conditions and also being the only NJ Representative to vote for the unfair and top-heavy tax bill.

In contrast, the ads that the Andy Kim campaign have aired stress the idea of service to the community. He has real people in his commercials because he is a “real” person himself who, contrary to MacArthur ads, grew up in this district. MacArthur is from North Jersey and “shopped” for a district he could win. Then, because he is wealthy, he could plunk down enough money for not one, but two homes in the area.

Andy has a young family and is currently renting in the district. So, he pays taxes just like any other renter. And, yes, he was living and working in the D.C. area and still owns a home there. I live in Medford but also own a home in Philadelphia – does that say something negative about me? I don’t think so.

The other thing that angers me about MacArthur’s ads are the attempt to push more division during this difficult political era. He clumsily tries to show Andy Kim as an “outsider” trying to take “our” district seat. The ad goes so far as to actually say, “He’s not one of us.”  You can almost see the wink and the nod from MacArthur and his supporters and this comes off as very racist. Shame on MacArthur!

I want a representative who will have an open mind and will listen and respond to his constituents, one who will not take corporate PAC money and especially one who believes in service to all others, not just service to the heads of the gun industry, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Join me in voting for Andy Kim this November – It’s time for a change and for a Congress that does its job.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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