OPINION: What is Congressman MacArthur Hiding?

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A letter to the editor by Jean Czarkowski of Toms River, NJ

This letter is in response to all of the negative campaign ads against candidate Andy Kim in the 3rd congressional district. What is disturbing to me is that Congressman MacArthur and his henchmen are playing really dirty politics this election cycle. They are really good at it. They want to scare voters into believing that his opponent is aligned with the big bad wolf, Nancy Pelosi, and that he is secretly plotting to raise your taxes. They are spending millions of dollars and many hours on twisting the truthabout their opponent, Andy Kim. Congressman MacArthur’s campaign goal is to vilify Andy for being a renter and for filing legal financial extensions. MacArthur’s amateur videographer recently harassed Andy by following him and filming him without his permission. Afterwards, that footage appeared in a negative ad.

Equally disturbing is that Tom MacArthur’s taxpayer paid postcards indicate that he believes that coverage for pre-existing conditions is “sacrosanct.” He boasts that he supports strengthened background checks for gun purchases. Beware, he and his team are savvy. I liken them to a team of pick pocketers that create a distraction, make you focus on a diversion, grab you to pretend to steady you on your feet, all while grabbing your wallet. “Look, over there! Here let me help you!” By the time you realize what just happened, it’s too late!

The truth of the matter is that Congressman MacArthur drafted legislation that would do away with protections for people with pre-existing conditions and allow insurance companies to take advantage of them. He also weaved into his repeal and replace legislation wording that would allow insurance companies to charge older individuals more for their insurance. How is that for sacrosanct?

I advise all voters to look at the issues this election season and take every ad that you see with a grain of salt. Study the issues that mean the most to you:

Do you care about gun safety? Then don’t listen to Tom MacArthur’s rhetoric that he’s trying to strengthen background checks because the facts don’t lie that he voted twice to disallow government agencies to report mental impairments to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Do you care about your taxes? MacArthur asked voters on his last taxpayer-funded postcard to look at your paycheck to see if there was more in it. He failed to tell you that the guidelines given to employers have resulted in them taking out too little each week and at tax time we will feel the sting of having to make up the difference. Why was that done? Because tax season is after the mid-term elections. By then, it will be too late to take notice or react to his deceitful politicking.

While I am on the topic of decitefulness, please be informed that Tom MacArthur voted for legislation that makes cuts to Medicaid. These cuts won’t go into effect until after elections, shielding himself from the fallout. I guess he is hoping that Ocean and Burlington County residents don’t really care about the issues and services that impact the elderly, individuals with disabilities or children.

So next time you get a mailer describing how bad Andy Kim is, ask yourself, “What is it that Congressman MacArthur isn’t telling me about his own voting record and what is he trying to hide?”

Editors note: Federal taxes do not fund federal spending. Therefore no matter what federal programs Andy Kim is proposing or supporting, they will not and cannot directly require federal taxes as a prerequisite for implementation. In addition, Tom MacArthur may or may not be taking advantage in someway, regarding not using his own campaign funds to pay for his campaign’s mailers, but if they are paid with federal dollars then, once again, that does not come from taxpayers.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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