OPINION: Democrats do not want “open borders.”

ABOVE: From Free-Photos on Pixabay (license)

A letter to the editor by Kristine Piccola of Moorestown, NJ

Dear Editor,

In response to Republican claims that Democrats are “banking on open borders“ to get votes, Democrats certainly welcome the support of DACA recipients, their parents, all immigrants, indeed all citizens of the US, who wish to see their country remain committed to the tradition of immigration that made this country possible. Remember the pilgrims in 1600, seeking religious freedom? The 1700s settlers turned revolutionists who fought for American freedom? How about the flood of immigrants around 1880-1920 that created the melting pot creating the USA we live in today.

The devastation of WWI and WWII brought to our shores victims of oppression, poverty, war; those fleeing the most inhumane situations imaginable. Traveling across continents, over many years, for the promise of what the US offered, Liberty, Hope and Freedom from oppression. Many immigrants arriving today come in search of those same promises. Should we still welcome these immigrants today? Why don’t you ask the the brave soldiers who have died for our country since its inception. They did not fight to protect only those living on the shores of the US. Their sacrifice was made to protect these ideals and freedoms that make this country great.

Democrats are not “banking“ on the issue of immigration to accomplish the blue wave. Immigration is ONE of the dozens of policies in need of fixing. If Democrats are “banking“ on anything, it is the awakening of 20+ million citizens to the realization that we need to “Make America America Again.”

With a promise to “build the wall,“ Republicans are the ones “banking“ on a single policy. Fortunately for Democrats, this policy is based on bigotry, xenophobia and ignorance. Democrats are banking hard on the good people of this country to remember these are NOT the principals on which our country was founded. Ultimately, this country will hold true to Liberty, Hope and Freedom. Please, Join Us.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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