Our country is broken. A look at the CDC’s suicide study [AUDIO]

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The above audio is from this livestream from June 7th, with Jeff Epstein

Our country is lost. That is my conclusion after reading through the CDC’s report on suicides. The CDC report found that suicide have increased 30% in the United States over the past seventeen years. (More coverage from NPR.)

I wrote lots of notes, and discuss what I found.

This was inspired by Geoff Ginter’s livestream from earlier today.

My conclusions are only reinforced by the U.N.’s new report on ever-increasing inequality in America. The poor are shamed for depending on the government, while the rich mooch off the government to an infinitely greater extent, in the form of tax breaks and corporate welfare.

Correction: I stated that “out of all the people who commits suicide that were released from prison, 25.7% did not have a mental illness, and 8.7% did.” That is incorrect. What I should’ve said was “out of all the people who committed suicide that have no mental illness, 25.7% of them were released from prison.” I made the same mistake on a number of these related statistics.

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