OPINION: TMac is a Moderate, Bi-Partisan Leader? A Whale of a Tale!

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A letter to the editor by Alice M. Oppenheimer of Mount Laurel, NJ

Rep. Tom MacArthur (TMac) claims to be a bi-partisan leader. I applaud bi-partisanship. But voting 10% of the time ain’t it.

Choosing partisanship and an out of touch, floundering Party over District about 90% of the time is brag-worthy? NJ3d is smart enough to see through PR gimmicks.

TMac isn’t a bi-partisan team player.

And of that 10% of the time when he risks sore muscles with a stretch to the other side? TMac’s own April 23rd press release on his bi-partisanship efforts tells all.

Yup—Flounder and Orca Whales, anti-bullying of hungry kids, Women’s History!

Woof-Meow! Voting against killing puppies, kitties and women in acts of rage!

Pets, Kids, One Fish, One Whale and Not Stalking and Killing Women? Wow, what a brave leader we have!


These bills do good things. They’re also no-brainers in a civil society.
What bi-partisan bills on the big things does TMac support? Almost None.
It sure ain’t about Health Care. He moved to the right to the Freedom Party with his sole notable legislative effort to take away affordable health care access from millions.

Nor foreign policy or support of the military despite the frequent photo-ops with people in uniform. He left the prestigious Armed Services Committee for the Financial Services Committee— where his voting record demonstrates his commitment to assure that millionaires and insurance executives can become wealthier.

Not tax policy. Nor the preservation of the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the land we live on (which would help pets, flounder, Orca whales, kids and women stay alive and healthy).

Nor about education.

TMac had to resign leadership of Tuesday Group, moderate Republicans.

TMac has to flounder to find even the smallest things to try to hook us into falsely believing he’s a moderate bi-partisan Congressperson.

Really TMac? You vote nearly 100 % with Trump, Gun Lobbyists, the Banking and Insurance lobbyists.

Prove me wrong. Lead in saying No! to the Party line. Say No! to those who support people who use our money for their own interests. Show that you care about the assault on democratic institutions. Show up at Town Halls. Represent the center. Represent the needs of us all.

Until then, I support Andy Kim for Congress!

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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