Interview: Bill Brennan on New Jersey’s proposed changes to render citizens complaints ineffective

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Interview conducted by Citizens’ Media TV’s Jeff Epstein

This was originally a livestream on Facebook on Wednesday, March 21st, at 9 PM. The video is distorted due to a Facebook Live glitch. The youtube version is as fixed as possible.

An interview with 2017 Democratic NJ Gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brennan, discussing the proposed changes to the New Jersey citizens complaint statutes. The potential changes will make complaints much more restrictive, putting political appointees in charge of deciding whether or not complaints against their bosses – or themselves – should go forward. These decisions are currently made by judges.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Brennan has filed citizen complaints against both former NJ Governor Chris Christie, and this summer against the former NJ Attorney General and former head of the NJ/NY Port Authority, David Samson. CMTV exclusively covered much of this summer’s hearings (here is Bill’s complaint against the judge).

A report named “REPORT OF THE SUPREME COURT WORKING GROUP ON PRIVATE CITIZEN COMPLAINTS IN THE MUNICIPAL COURTS” contains the full changes (it originates on this website. Most important are recommendations 5 and 6. Public comment on the proposed changes may be submitted to the state through April 2th, 2018. Bill strongly encourages New Jersey citizens to do so.

Here is Bill’s draft comment document. Comments are not required to contain legalese. Just write as best as you understand it, using Bill’s comments, and our interview as background.

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