OPINION: Tom MacArthur’s time in Congress must end

ABOVE: Public domain derived from Public Domain Pictures.net

A letter to the editor by Jill Anthony of Mount Laurel, NJ

Dear Editor,

With Tom MacArthur as my Congressman, I feel no wealthier, more anxious about the economy, and absolutely terrified about my kids at school. First off, the GOP tax bill has threatened my 401K by igniting inflationary fears that are causing huge uncertainty in financial markets. This means more uncertainty in my 401K – and a possible postponement of retirement plans.  But at least private jet owners got their tax break!

Then I look at MacArthur’s record on safety, which directly impacts the safety of my children. This is the number one thing to me. He has voted against even the most common sense of bills. For example, he voted to repeal important regulations from the Obama Administration. He is a co-sponsor of the current Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill which has passed the house and allows those from states with weaker gun laws to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey. Infuriating! Yet this shouldn’t be a surprise, since he has a 93% rating from the National Rifle Association.

Congressman MacArthur, your votes have taken peace of mind from me in two critical ways: they have added worry and uncertainty to my financial outlook, and they have threatened the safety of my children due to gun violence. I will not forgive you for that last one. Your time in Congress must end.

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