OPINION: Two-faced Tom McArthur

ABOVE: Adopted from Wikimedia Commons, credit: John Ramspott from Oxford, Georgia (license)

A letter to the editor Jackie Lynch of Waretown, NJ

The only congressman from New Jersey to vote for the Trump tax bill was NJ-03’s Tom MacArthur. Even his fellow New Jersey republicans recognized that this bill would hurt the people of this state and voted against it, but two-faced Tom stood strong with Trump on taxes.

This bill is clearly politically motivated and meant to hurt the blue states that voted against Trump. By limiting the SALT (state and local tax) deduction, federal taxes will increase for many New Jersey residents. For our wealthiest, this may (or may not) be a drop in the bucket, but for the average middle class family, that increase means a lot!

And how is this political payback? New Jersey sends $31 billion dollars more to the federal government than we get in return. Thirty One Billion Dollars! So where does that money go? Our blue state dollars go to red states to pay for the things their governments won’t. Our loss is Kentucky’s, and Mississippi’s, and Alabama’s gain. We take care of our own people in our state by paying our state and local taxes. Meanwhile, our federal tax money is subsidizing the states that voted for Trump.

I am grateful our Governor Phil Murphy is joining Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Malloy from Connecticut to fight back against this unfair tax bill. I’m sure there will be other governors adding their names to this list soon. While they are fighting FOR the people of New Jersey, two-faced Tom MacArthur continues to act against them. MacArthur can sugarcoat it all he wants, but this tax bill is still a bitter pill to swallow.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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