Editorial: Less than a month into his campaign, NJ-3 Democratic candidate Rich Dennison dies at the age of forty – LTE taken down

Written by Jeff Epstein, editor of Citizens’ Media TV

For the first time, and at the request of both the family and the author, a Citizens’ Media TV letter to the editor has been taken down. Although calmly and respectfully written, the letter spoke very critically of Rich Dennison and his congressional campaign. According to the author, the goal of the letter was only to prevent Dennison’s candidacy from continuing.

The letter was published four days before his sudden and tragic passing at the age of forty. According to the family, Dennison died peacefully in his sleep on the evening of Monday, January 22nd. It was not confirmed, however, until today (article one, two).

The campaign announcement from today, forty-five minutes after another announcement on Dennison’s personal page by his sister.

Removing this letter does not change the fact that Dennison’s short candidacy was a tumultuous and incredibly interesting one. There is a story to be told, but this is not the time. And, if and when that time comes, it will be done in a very different manner.

Personally speaking, in our many private conversations, Dennison was nothing but friendly, accomodating, and gracious. He was also fearless: open to, and even encouraging me to ask the most difficult questions. I consider this to be a noble quality in a politician.

Regardless what one may think of Dennison and his candidacy, he clearly wanted the best for the citizens of the third district. Through his life’s work at his family’s funeral home, he did many good things for families at their most vulnerable.

We wish him, and his family and friends, peace.

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