Interview: Rich Dennison, NJ-3 Democratic congressional candidate

Interview conducted by Jeff Epstein, editor of Citizens’ Media TV

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UPDATE 1/9/2018 12:04AM: Last twelve minutes of audio were inadvertantly cut off. Now restored.

An in-depth interview with Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s third congressional district, Rich Dennison. Dennison announced his candidacy only two weeks ago. We talk about his internship at the White House under President Clinton, his thoughts looking back on the Clinton and Obama presidencies, how he plans on appealing to the large number of Republicans in the district, and why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

Dennison has some very progressive items on his platform. He believes strongly in legalizing marijuana in the style of alcohol and tobacco, Medicare for All, LGBT rights, and a $15 minimum wage.

Towards the end of the interview we address a difficult situation that recently occurred between Dennison and the members of a social media group, which ended with him being banned. Dennison wrote about the situation in multiple posts on his official candidacy page, and graciously accepted the challenge of answering questions about it head-on.

Aside from trimming before we started and after we ended, the audio has exactly one edit: eliminating a moment where I asked Mr. Dennison to hold on while I looked for something.


  1. Just wanted to state that Jeff did a great job. His questions and follow-ups were right on. I, myself, apologize for the sound quality because we had to do this over the phone, due to my recent back issues. Thanks again, Jeff. You did it right.


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