Open letter: Any children using PRHS fields may have been exposed to asbestos

Letter to the editor, by: Little Egg Harbor’s “Parents on a Mission” Group

An open letter to all school districts in regard to outdoor sports events played at Pinelands Regional High School and Middle School this Fall:

Please be advised that during the months of August through mid-October, the Pinelands Regional School District was (and still is) undergoing a roofing project. During this project, there were asbestos materials strewn upon the grounds of the High School property and they become airborne. Testing upon the grounds has revealed several positive results for Chrysotile, one form of asbestos.

[Editor’s note: The test results referred to by Mr. Apgar were published on the district website on November 27th. For more information on this issue, see Citizens’ Media TV’s coverage.]

Due to concerns for our own children, we feel it necessary to inform all parents of students who have played outdoor sporting events at the Pinelands complex this Fall, that their child may have been exposed to asbestos. We are in the midst of calling for a complete investigation into this matter.

Spokesperson for the “Parents on a Mission” Group,

Dane Apgar, Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only.

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