Editorial: A non-ringing endorsement of Seth Kaper-Dale for NJ Governor

Written by Jeff Epstein, Editor of Citizens’ Media TV

This is a personal opinion. Not a formal endorsement.

I am voting for Seth Kaper-Dale for governor of New Jersey. With respect to the Kaper-Dale campaign, I am very disappointed in his choice for Lieutenant Governor. So much so, I was considering not voting at all. But his last-is-first philosophy is what is needed to truly change our government, so it stands for the many, not the few.

Phil Murphy bought the Democratic nomination, drowning out his opponents with his money instead of winning on his merits. According to his primary opponents (we actively covered the campaign), Murphy skipped far more primary debates than he attended. The only obvious positive of Murphy that comes to mind, aside from “better than the alternative” (such as on social issues) is that he would substantially clean up the Pinelands Commission. But I believe even Guadagno will do that, so…

After last November, I made the decision to not vote for someone again unless I think they’re good. I think Seth Kaper-Dale would be good.

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