OPINION: Assemblyman Troy Singleton responds to accusations

Letter to the editor, by: New Jersey LD-7 Assemblyman, Troy Singleton

There has been a lot made by some elected officials in Westampton about my involvement in this year’s local election in town. I just wanted to clarify a few points. Sandy Henley and I have been friends for over twenty years. Our friendship goes back to our college years and I count him as one of my closest friends.

When he was approached about running for Township Office, he asked my opinion. I told him that serving one’s community is a noble calling and that he should strongly consider it. Appropriately so, the local Democratic Committee of Westampton Township made the selection with no input from me, nor was my opinion solicited by them.

That said, as a Democratic elected official and his friend, I proudly and unabashedly have done everything I can to see Sandy and Linda Hynes be successful in this endeavor. I believe they have the temperament and aptitude to serve the residents of Westampton quite well. Those trying to spin my involvement in their campaign or the receipt of a contribution that I received five years ago as some nefarious attempt to “takeover” the township, are at best misguided and at worst purposefully trying to mislead the voters.

I think the electorate would be better served by the candidates and their supporters refraining from tearing down the opposing side with false rumors, innuendo and conspiracy theories and presenting their ideas and vision for Westampton. Campaigns should be about the quality and content of our ideas and not about who can sling the most mud or attempt to scare the voters with misleading attacks. Should anyone wish to discuss this further, please contact me on my official Facebook page and let me know.

Editor’s notes

The opinions in this letter (above) are the author’s only. This letter is in response to yesterday’s letter by Westampton Deputy Mayor Abraham Lopez.

Assemblyman Singleton also addressed his relationship with Sandy Henley in this August Citizens’ Media TV article. Here is a quote from that article:

We [Citizens’ Media TV] also asked the Assemblyman to respond to the fact that Westampton is in District eight, not his own District seven, and to the potential accusation of inappropriately attempting to influence elections outside of his district. Singleton responded, “If the charge is that I, as a Democrat, am supportive of Democrats both in the seventh district and outside of the seventh district, then that, I am absolutely guilty of.”

Citizens’ Media TV encourages all viewpoints. Please submit your letters to the editor to citizensmediatv@gmail.com

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