OPINION: Fellow neighbors, Westampton is in serious danger.

Letter to the editor, by: Westampton Deputy Mayor, Abraham Lopez

I know some folks cry foul and “negativity” when one points out facts with which they disagree; however, as one of our country’s Founding Fathers, John Adams, once said, “Facts Are Stubborn Things.” In the case of politics, especially during campaigns and most particularly in Westampton Township, Adams’ quote could not be more accurate or timely.

With a little over one week before the most important election in Westampton’s history, I would like to connect some dots for my neighbors. My objective is to convey the facts with hopes that each of us comes to an informed decision prior to the election on November 7th.

Ms. Linda Hynes and Mr. Sandy Henley enjoy touting their support of the “Westampton Democrats” and Assemblyman Troy Singleton. Here’s a stubborn fact: We, all of us, are living with the consequence of policies of the Carolyn Chang and Robert Maybury-led majority Democrat Township Committee. These are the people who brought you seven consecutive years of tax increases, an inordinate amount of affordable housing, and an apartment complex that will burden the already-burdened enrollment rates in our schools.

These are the people who purchased a $1 million lemon fire truck, and illegally appointed an unqualified individual to become Fire Chief – the latter, thanks to his voting for Robert Maybury to become Executive Director of the Mt. Holly MUA. You know, that institution that has brought us taxation without representation, not to mention a postage charge of $2.50? That’s just a small sampling of the people who control Ms. Hynes and Mr. Henley and their campaign.

Here’s another stubborn fact: The aforementioned people were so obsessed with Party over People that they ousted Mayor C. Andre Daniels for voting his conscience on more than a few issues of grave concern to our community. Denying Daniels, the highest ranking Democrat in our town, even the opportunity to screen for his own party’s line, at a convention that the Democrats held in secret, no less. This should be an affront to any fair-minded person, no matter their political affiliation. If they deny their motivations as factual, then why didn’t they allow Daniels to screen before his political peers?

Above you see the latest post that Hynes and Henley published touting the support they received from the Assemblyman (who does not serve our district). But why is it that during this entire election campaign, they don’t want to acknowledge and or discuss their ties to Carolyn Chang, Jason Carty and Robert Maybury? Take a look at the Election Law Enforcement Commission report. Notice the donation Assemblyman Singleton received from the Rancocas Valley Citizens PAC?

Guess who directs the Rancocas Valley Citizens PAC? It is none other than Mr. Jason Carty. Now you know why certain out-of-towners are so vested in the Hynes and Henley campaign. This is the same consortium of Mt. Holly Democrats, along with the majority of the MUA Board of Directors. The same consortium that encourages Maybury, the MUA’s Executive Director, to oversee the election activities in one of their client-municipalities. This is part of their plan to control all the towns served by the MUA. This is how they will continue their manipulation of rate increases – and disgraceful $2.50 postage charges – without fear of reprisal. Shouldn’t the Board refrain from even the appearance of conflict of interest, given its rate-setting powers over a community?

This is the same MUA Board of Directors on which Jason Carty sat, and who cast the deciding vote to appoint Mr. Maybury as Executive Director. Fast forward and, yes, another of those stubborn facts; it was Mr. Maybury, as a Westampton Township Council Committeeman who cast the deciding vote to appoint Mr. Carty as Fire Chief, a title and position for which he was not, nor is today, qualified to hold. I hope that you begin to sense the schemes at play here. The Rancocas Valley community of towns is at risk of a takeover by a group of people whose only interest is to build political power for partisan and, as we’ve seen, personal gains. These kinds of maneuvers never prove to benefit the public good; they invariably lead to public harm.

Fellow neighbors, Westampton is in serious danger of reverting to the bad old days of political and managerial incompetence. You will vote as to whether we continue moving forward in a positive, uplifting direction or wonder again what the old/new regime will be concocting behind closed doors, much to our detriment. They’re only a few votes away from changing the very essence of our great community. On November 7th, you and you alone will decide whether to enable Hynes and Henley to practice Politics over People, or to empower Colona and Guerrero to practice People over Politics, alongside Committeewoman Maureen Smith-Hartman and myself. Maureen and I thank you for the privilege of serving you first; the facts bear this to be true.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this letter are the author’s only. Aside from the Trump mailer and Hynes/Henley post, all images and screenshots were provided by the author.

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