OPINION: NJ LD-7 and -8 Republican candidates stoke fear, afraid to face voters

Letter to the editor, by: Barbara Blonsky, Mount Laurel, NJ

Dear Editor:

With such important elections facing us, I am dumbfounded by the fact that the Republicans running for legislative seats in District 7 and 8 refuse to enter debates against their Democratic opponents.

My only conclusion is that the Republicans are afraid to face the voters and be questioned by the Democratic candidates.  Once you study the positions of the Republicans, you see that Dawn Addiego, Bruce Garganio, and Linda Hughes walk in lockstep with the Trump/Christie/Gaudagno agenda.  They have voted to put our environment at risk, prevent women from accessing healthcare, and hurt the middle class.

The Republicans stoke fear, tell lies, and mail propaganda published by the Republican machine to try to smear Democratic candidates.  Obviously, debate would require knowledge of issues and explanations for support of unpopular policies.

It is time for change in Districts 7 and 8.  Vote for the candidates that will represent their constituents.  Vote for your Democratic candidates for State Senate, Assembly, And Freeholder.

Barbara Blonsky
Mount Laurel, NJ

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