Six-count campaign finance complaint filed against Mt. Holly Mayor

By: Jeff Epstein, Editor, Citizens’ Media TV

MT. HOLLY, NJ – Mt. Holly Mayor Jason Jones has been named in a six-count campaign-finance complaint by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). In 2014, Jones was treasurer for Brian Grant, Democratic candidate for Mt. Holly Township Council. Grant won the primary but dropped out before the general. At the same time Grant also resigned from his seats on the township’s Planning Board and Board of Education.

(Here is the full complaint document, which can be independently retrieved by going to the enforcement page on the ELEC website and searching for “Brian Grant.” Screenshots of the entire document are at the bottom of this post.)

The violations include reporting transactions on forms for different time periods, not reporting correct amounts, not fully filling out transactions (such as address or employer name), and submitting forms hundreds of days late. The majority of the violations are alleged to still be unresolved.

Each violating transaction has a potential fine of $7,600. It is unknown from whom the complaint originated.

We gave Mayor Jones an opportunity to preview this article and provide a statement. He told us:

This was a simple accounting error. Mr. Grant withdrew from the election and resigned from the planning [and education boards] because he was moving out of town.

Simply submitting amended reports will rectify this issue. The reports will be submitted shortly to make the changes that ELEC has requested.

We have so far been unable to reach Mr. Grant. The next Mt. Holly Town Committee meeting is tonight, October 10th, at 7 PM.

A list of every violation in the complaint

Screenshots of the entire complaint document

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