BREAKING: David Samson hires Genova Burns, the law firm Bill Brennan caught committing fraud in 2003

David Samson has requested a two week adjournment of a probable cause hearing that is scheduled to resume today, Thursday, April 6, at Newark Municipal Court. The presiding judge is Marvin Adames.

In a document hand-delivered to Brennan last night, the law firm hired by Samson, Genova Burns, has requested the adjournment of the hearing on behalf of their client David Samson. Among other reasons, the lawyers cite his right to be present in order to defend himself. Genova Burns specifically requested at least a two-week adjournment.

(Here is the adjournment request document. Citizens’ Media TV’s exclusive video of Tuesday’s hearing is mentioned in a footnote. See our article from Tuesday for both the video and further background.)

Brennan states, in 2003, he caught lawyer Angelo Genova (pictured above) committing fraud by back-dating documents in a criminal case. Genova’s deposition in the matter was sealed by the court. Brennan publicized this fraud on social media and in comments on, which resulted in Genova’s losing the opportunity of being appointed to Attorney General.

Brennan’s full statement:

I caught the Genova Burns firm backdating evidence in a criminal matter.

A letter purportedly signed by Angelo Genova was dated August 18, 2003 even though it was not written until September 09, 2003.

That letter was presented to Judge Roy McGeady as part of his client’s defense to a criminal charge. Judge McGeady dismissed that charge based in part on Genova’s fraud.

On 11/16/2005 Angelo Genova testified under oath that an Associate at his firm (Laura Corvo) had backdated the letter and used his signature stamp without approval.

Today that same ethically challenged lawyer is involved with David Samson and attacking my motives in bringing Samson to justice.

Superior Court Judge Wilson placed Mr. Genova’s deposition transcript under seal – I intend to disobey that unlawful Order and release the transcript in one week unless Genova goes to court and gets a second order re-sealing his testimony.

A fraud committing, bribe taking extortionist and has hired a fraud committing dishonest law firm and the system simply abides their criminality.

This is a developing story. Citizens’ Media TV will be at today’s hearing and will provide updates as we get them.

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