Interview: NJ-3 constituent on potential trouble at upcoming Republican townhall.

An interview on March 5th, 2017, with Dave Williams, member of Indivisible: NJ 3rd District and a MacArthur constituent, who is about to attend his first ever townhall (It’s my first as well). Dave became involved in politics only after Trump was elected president, and has started a blog on the subject. (I myself became involved in politics in August 2015, after discovering Bernie Sanders. Before that I did nothing but blindly vote for Democrats.)

Dave I met in a conversation on Facebook, where people were reacting to confusing and intimidating statements made by MacArthur supporters, regarding the next night’s townhall.

In our interview, Dave talks about how he chooses to interpret the statements that some see as purposefully discouraging non-supporters from showing up. He also describes how he is lucky to be able to afford to take off of work on a Monday afternoon, in order to show up extremely early, in anticipation of the room being stuffed with supporters.

Unfortunately we get disconnected right before saying goodbye.

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