Nuisance: Interview with Lauren Steiner, Bernie Sanders delegate from CA, & longtime activist against the TPP

Interview with Lauren Steiner, Bernie Sanders delegate from California, longtime activist against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the organizer of a large effort in California to observe the vote counting at the end of primary day.

What’s discussed:

– Lauren tells about her long history of protesting around the country. One of her favorites.
– Why she is so against the TPP, and her theories on why Obama is so strongly for it, and why she thinks his presidential library and the Trans-Pacific Partnership are related.
– The media, and how much of Internet media is dependent on large corporations such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Here’s one example she gave about propaganda regarding the Syrian regime change.
– The confusion of Monday morning’s private meeting with Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention, and how that might result in his delegates missing votes at the actual convention. Monday was opening day.
– What happened at the Nevada State Democrat Convention, and how that was the catalyst for creating my news network, Citizens’ Media TV.
– The TPP protest organized by Lauren during Elijah Cummings’ DNC speech on Monday night about the democratic platform. How it was organized and communicated to the delegation, and Elijah Cummings’ reactions to it, both on and off the record.
– How the Bernie delegation was not given much guidance on what to do or what to expect during the DNC.
– The nonbinding Unity Commission created by the DNC platform committee, and the platitude filled speech about it on early Monday.

The resources that came up during our conversation:

  • 13 Bankers, a book by Simon Johnston.
  • Ben Jealous mentions the superdelagate reduction in his debate with Jill Stein. It’s a two-part interview (one, two), and I’m unsure exactly where he said it.
  • The blog of my DNC coverage with Citizens’ Media TV.

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